Mission Statement

Inaugurated in 1981 on the 100th anniversary of the composer’s birth and refurbished considerably in 2006, the Béla Bartók Memorial House was the greatest Hungarian composer’s last home in Budapest and Hungary. Bartók and his family lived in this eclectic style villa from 20 April 1932 until 12 October 1940.

The spirituality of the villa in Csalán út is kept alive by the composer’s creativity, the masterpieces composed here, the remnants of his research into folk music and the paraphernalia of a morally pure 20th century creative career.

Further to its duties as a museum, the goal of the Béla Bartók Memorial House is to cultivate, present and promote the manifold output of the composer to Hungarian and foreign audiences alike. The concert programmes of the House are designed to this end. Our priorities are the conveying of Bartók’s art, as well as the promotion of contemporary Hungarian music and young Hungarian performers.

To serve the cult of Bartók, the House is in close connection with leading institutions of the Hungarian music scene, and connects to their cultural events by programmes making use of the House’s special features and vocation.

Lectures, film shows, master classes are organised to nurse Bartók’s legacy.

Our informative activities are aimed at all generations, however, educating different age groups of the young is a priority. They can get involved in Bartók’s music at children’s concerts and museum pedagogy sessions as well.

In this building, your host is Béla Bartók. Our mission is to make you feel you have been his personal guests.

Zoltán Farkas Director, Musicologist